GFA revs up new business model with the launch of Coffee World Restaurant.


GFA is now engaged in a full-fledge food business with the launch of Coffee World Restaurant at Mega Bangna. The premier branch serves over 100 Thai, international and fusion menu items to cater to cosmopolitan diners in Bangkok. Coffee World Restaurant also exclusively features Jasmine rice from Baan Nana to support underprivileged children through the Harvesting Rice for Kids program. GFA plans to have as many as twelve CWR branches within the next three years and believes it will achieve 25% growth this year.

Joseph Cherian, CEO GFA Global, said “As a world leader in the QSR development and franchising industries with track record of success in Thailand, India and elsewhere over the past thirteen years, we are continually improving upon our model by developing new and exciting services to satisfy our customers. This very idea led to the creation of a new brand, Coffee World Restaurant. Coffee World Restaurant corresponds with current market trend and lifestyle of the newer generation who eats out more often. Our first location of Coffee World Restaurant is now open at the 2nd Floor of the new Mega Bangna shopping center. The menu contains more than 100 dishes and beverages. Our target is to have up to 12 Coffee World Restaurant branches in the next three years.”


                Coffee World Restaurant offers a casual, contemporary dining experience and a refreshing shop atmosphere. GFA has invested up to 7 million baht in its new venture with a new platform and menu is composed of 60% Thai, 20% international and 20% fusion food items. A Coffee World kiosk is also located inside Coffee World Restaurant to service customers who prefer quick beverages only. GFA believes that Coffee World Restaurant will gain attention from food lovers in a short period of time.


                Sirintorn Saetae, General Manager, GFA Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., adds, “Coffee World Restaurant will bring an enriching and satisfying dining experience. Apart from recommended items in the menu, we also serve CSR dishes to support underprivileged children of Baan Nana in Chiang Rai by offering our


customers Baan Nana Jasmine rice in selected menu items. GFA volunteers assisted Baan Nana and harvested rice with the kids last year. The Baan Nana rice is featured in several CSR dishes, with a percentage of the proceeds going back to support the project. CWR customers can enjoy the food and can help Baan Nana children at the same time.”


                “GFA focuses on choosing the best locations for Coffee World Restaurant and developing a menu that offers both novelty and diversity. Each item of Thai, international or fusion cuisine is carefully chosen by high-experienced chefs to ensure the elements of style and taste go well together. GFA has previously operated a pilot branch for Coffee World Restaurant on the 1st Floor of Samitivej Srinakarindra Hospital with success beyond our expectations, she added.” Coffee World Restaurant will invest approximately 5% of total revenue on marketing strategies. Franchisee applications for Coffee World Restaurant will be considered from early 2013, with the target of having twelve branches in the next three years.


“As for Coffee World, we have a plan to open a total of 25 branches, which is a higher number than in the prior years, due to the rapid growth of shopping malls industry. There are now 79 Coffee World branches in Thailand, 65 percent of which are owned and operated by GFA and 35 percent belonging to franchisees. The franchisee ratio is being raised to 40% this year. We believe in the opportunity to further expand the franchise business as the impacts from the flood of last year were minimal and as investors react more quickly to changes than in the past. A plan is also in process for GFA to increase the number of Cream & Fudge franchise branches from the current 12 to 17. GFA is aiming to balance a ratio between franchisee-operated and self-operated branches to be 40/60. There is also a plan to increase the presence of the New York 5th Avenue Deli brand, opening more New York 5th Avenue Deli stores with the new brand concept at popular shopping centers. Although the food and beverage business is highly competitive, the modern lifestyle is geared toward eating out, so we are confident in our ability to compete and set a target growth at 25-30%,” Joseph Cherian revealed in conclusion.


About GFA

Global Franchise Architects is a Geneva, Switzerland-based group that creates, operates, and franchises a portfolio of specialty food service brands with international appeal. The Company was founded by serial entrepreneur Fred Mouawad who currently serves as Executive Chairman. Its current portfolio consists of Coffee World, New York 5th Av. Deli, Pizza Corner, Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen, Cream & Fudge, and The Donut Baker. 
Over the past decade, GFA has built a proven track record in successfully developing brands and adapting them to local markets in several countries. Currently, Global Franchise Architects has 6 brands in its portfolio with over 200 stores in 9 countries: Thailand, India, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sudan, UAE and Myanmar.

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